Rio Graffiti’s Tour

Guided tour in Rio de Janeiro

Rio Graffiti’s Tour

Botanical Garden Murals – Cosme Velho Murals - Santa Teresa Murals – Lapa Murals – AcquaRio Murals (Armazém 4 e 5) – Eduardo Kobra’s Mural (Olympic Boulevard

The tour includes:
  • Licensed guide speaking English, German, Italian and Portuguese
  • Transportation in a private car with air-conditioning
  • Pick-up and drop-off in your Hotel in Copacabana,  Ipanema, Leblon, Downtown and Barra da Tijuca neighbourhoods
Does not include:
  • Tickets to the tourist sites (eventually needed)
  • Tickets to Santa Teresa Tram (eventually needed)
  • Public Transport (eventually needed)
  • Meals and Beverages
Why Urban Art?

Rio de Janeiro is the perfect city to explore the so-called Street Art. In fact, this kind of art has been spreading a lot during the last decade, especially in Rio. If you want to know the culture of a population, just walk around the city and look carefully at its walls and ads. The spontaneous artists have a lot to say. It is sometimes associated with contemporary urban culture and political issues.

Urban Art refers to wall paintings created by artists, many of whom have years of experience, some of them apply impressive techniques. Graffiti is mostly text but is often enhanced with images. Street art is more heavily image-focused and relates to the local area. It can, but need not, have a political dimension. However, it aims to get people thinking, to entertain, provoke and amuse.

I will meet the visitor at its Hotel and we will start our tour at the Botanical Garden District. After exploring the murals that are all over the neighborhood, we will head to Cosme Velho, where very nice murals can be seen at the beginning of the Corcovado Mountain. Afer that we will head to Santa Teresa, where the visitor can learn about George Selaron and his colorful Steps. The murals near the steps are being covered with amazing Graffities.

We will then appreciate the biggest mural on earth, painted by Eduardo Kobra! An impressive 3,000 square meters graffiti; his work is already included in the Guiness Book of Records! We will then walk along the Olympic Boulevard, appreciating the murals towards the AcquaRio, next to the Armazem 3 and 4.

Many urban artists travel from city to city and have social contacts all over the world. Eduardo Kobra is one of them having murals painted all over the world, in countries such as Germany, Portugal, India, Spain, USA, Russia, Holland, France, to name a few.

Graffiti and street art are constantly being renewed and sprayed over, and the hotspots are therefore changing all the time.

Useful Information: 
  • Use comfortable shoes for walking on uneven sidewalks
  • Carry a copy of ID OR Passport
  • Use Sunscreen even with cloudy weather
  • Use Repellent
  • Use Sunglasses, Hat or Cap
  • Drink a lot of water or coconut water
  • Carry with you only small amount of money
  • Do not wear fancy watches or jewels
  • Professional Photo cameras keep them in a bag when not in use
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