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About Bia Stein

Hello! My name is Beatriz Stein, but please call me Bia.

I was born in São Paulo and after spending 7 years living in Europe in cities such as Milan, Nuremberg and London, I finally chose the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro as my new home. The truth is I decided to stay after having been bewitched by the city’s charms. Here I am since 1996, here I met the love of my life, a real “carioca” whom I married, and here our daughter was born.

Fluent in 4 languages: English, Italian, German and Portuguese I do have a large experience working as a Journalist and translator in the Communications area for more than 20 years. Since January 2016 though, I have been officially accredited by the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil as Local and National Tour Guide. I decided to follow my heart and changed my career. Being with people from all around the world, speaking other languages, exchanging experiences and getting to know more about the History and the Culture from Brazil and abroad, these are things that drive me now. On top of that, by guiding people into the places I love, I am able to improve my hobby: photographing. It is my pleasure to take nice pictures of my guests, Rio and its surroundings, so that they can take home special memories from their holidays.

Full Day, 6-hour Tour or Half-Day Tours, for each one there is a different itinerary: for families with or without children, executives, artists, nature lovers, musicians, designers. I will be delighted to arrange unique trips according to each needs, and these may include art galleries, special gastronomy experiences, yoga, meditation, tracking, wonderful views, radical sports (hang gliding/paragliding) or Samba practices. Just contact me and we will spend nice time together, with Bia Stein Tours!

For further information about me and my carrier you can access the Italian Blog DentroRiodiJaneiro. Link: https://www.dentroriodejaneiro.it/storie/interviste/guida-turistica-rio-de-janeiro-bia-stein.html

4 Characteristics about me / Why hire Bia ?:

  • Friendly and serious professional
  • Dedicated to fit the tour according your personal interests
  • Solid knowledge about Rio de Janeiro’s History and Culture
  • Speaks four languages: English, Italian, Portuguese and German

Our natural guide from Rio de Janeiro and are trained and have extensive knowledge of Rio de Janeiro, Certified Guides

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